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SBS Inkigayo Round-up: Trouble Maker Wins #1 on the November 10, 2013 Episode

SBS Inkigayo is back for another week with fantastic stages, eclectic sounds, and excitement. Hosts for the night were ZE:A's Kwanghee, Lee Hyun Woo, and Girl's Day's Minah.

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Last night's episode had five teams and two solo artist who made their comeback return which were Big Bang's Taeyang by performing "Ringa Linga", Miss A with "Hush", BTS with "The Rise of Bangtan", Yoo Sung Eun made a remarkable "Healing", and Untouchable with "Vain."

Nominees for the night were Brown Eyed Soul, Park Ji Yoon, and Trouble Maker. In the end, it was Trouble Maker who won for their song "Now."

With this being said, here is the performance recap from last night.

Performance Recaps

Miss A are saying "Hush" as they touch themselves and entertain you. The ladies decorated the stage by having red roses last night which the crowd were truly entertained. Different side to Miss A definitely for their return and one that really is not to be surprised on as they can perform sexy as well as cute.

Taeyang made his comeback last night by performing "Ringa Linga" which he did not disappoint the audience. Crowd fan chanted and screamed throughout his performance. Taeyang brought energy as well as charisma. Taeyang, welcome back!!

You can learn a lot from K.Will as he brought candles and chandeliers last night by singing "You Don't Know Love." The ladies screamed and loved the stage ambience for the night. You will really make a woman feel special for any night K.Will.

Tell me "Now" now is what Hyunseung is saying to HyunA and the audience as they brought they great collaboration last night. HyunA also changed her hairstyle which looks great. The crowd screamed all through their performance and really enjoyed it!

N-Sonic turned up the heat by bringing the fire on-stage last night by performing "Run & Run." The crowd screamed and really enjoyed watching this guys perform with energy as well as charisma. Keep firing up the stage guys!

T-ara said their goodbyes last night for "Number 9" which was truly one to not miss out on. The fan chants was amazing all through their performance and really wanted to make their last night special! T-ara fans cannot wait to see this ladies again on December 2nd. Take a break and rock the stage again!!

Block B had a "Very Good" performance had they dressed up by wearing a white suit last night. The crowd screamed and loved their performance. Great job guys!!

Untouchable made their return last night by singing "Vain." This guys are really great when it comes to rapping which makes them great singers. Crowd were entertained and loved their performance by screaming in the end. Great job this week and good comeback!

Sexy angels AOA are probably no longer "Confused" as they looked fantastic last night. The crowd screamed as well as fan chanted which sounded like a combination of guys and ladies which should probably be the guys screaming instead. Anyway, the ladies performed great!

BTS came out explosive to perform "The Rise of Bangtan" as they had energy as well as charisma on-stage last night. The crowd screamed throughout their performance and really enjoyed watching them. Great job guys!

MYNAME came out with their smooth choreography for "Day By Day" which the guys looked great in their suits for the night. The crowd were entertained and loved their performance.

Yoo Sung Eun needs an "Healing" and she will use her looks and beautiful voice to charm you. With her apple green hair, Yoo looked great last night. The crowd was entertained and loved her performance. Great job this week Yoo with your comeback.

U-KISS came out to sing "She's Mine" with their R&B song. The audience screamed and enjoyed watching this guys perform. Great job U-KISS!

A-JAX are saying watch out, there is a "Snake" and will poison you with her beauty before striking. This guys kept the crowd entertained which they enjoyed watching them perform. Great performance!

Rhythm Power were James Bond last night for their performance "Bond Girl." The guys wore black shades and looked like secret agents last night by being classy. The crowd was entertained and cheered in the end of their performance.

NOM came out to say to the ladies, you are a "Pretty Noona" which the ladies responded by screaming. The audience loved their performance as the rookie guys brought charisma and wore white for their chosen wardrobe for the night.

TINT are "Love At First Sight" which they came out cute for their performance last night. The crowd fan chanted with the ladies and loved their performance. While the girls are still new and are a rookie group, looks like they are quickly gaining fans. Great job girls and nice stage setting with hearts in the background.

M.Pire came out to perform "Kktak Kktak" which the audience were entertained by seeing this guys bring energy on-stage last night. This guys are really great to see and the audience would agree by screaming.

Boys Republic are saying to the audience "You Are Special" as they brought energy as well as charisma on-stage last night. The audience screamed and loved their performance last night. Great job guys!

Lim Chang Jung is saying "Open The Door" as he brought fun and entertainment last night. With his black shades and colorful wardrobe for the night, the audience truly loved his performance. Keep on dancing and stay young at heart Lim Chang Jung!

Jjun came out full of energy by saying "Way To My Heart" which the audience were entertained by screaming. By showing some of his abs, the ladies loved it. Great performance Jjun.


Miss A

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Trouble Maker

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Block B

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Yoo Sung Eun

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Rhythm Power

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Boys Republic

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Lee Chang Jung

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Park Ji Yoon also performed last night for "Mr. Lee" which she kept the crowd entertained with her beauty last night. Crowd loved her performance!

Great job to all the performers last night!!

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