Saturday, 9 November 2013

Music Core Showreel: Trouble Maker Wins on the November 9, 2013 Episode + Performance Recap

MBC's Music Core is back this week featuring your favorite stars with hosts Shinee's Minho, Kim So Hyun, and Noh Hong Chul.

This episode, Miss A made their return with "Hush", BTS with "The Rise of Bangtan", Yoo Sung Eun made a "Healing" return, Fiestar with "I Don't Know", MR.MR with "Do You Feel Me", Untouchable with "Vain", and LPG with "Filial Daughters Generation."

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Nominees for the night were Park Ji Yoon, Brown Eyed Soul, and Trouble Maker. Though it was Trouble Maker who won for their song "Now." Congratulations!!

With all this being said, here is the performance recap from last night.

Performance Recaps

Fiestar made their return last night by saying "I Don't Know" about love or why man act different in-terms of it. The ladies dressed up pretty in pink and had a nice stage setting with hearts in the background.

K.Will came out with him and his back-up singers to say to the audience "You Don't Know Love" until you experience or go through it.

T-ara said their goodbye's as last night was their goodbye stage for "Number 9." The ladies will be making their return again on December 2nd; so their fans will not have to wait long. 

Park Ji Yoon came out four gorgeous with her white dress as she looked for her "Mr. Lee." The audience made the "woo" sound as they loved her performance.

Miss A made their return last night by saying "Hush" and be entertained. The ladies wore their tight black leather pants and looked gorgeous for the night.

BTS made their return last night by singing "The Rise of Bangtan" which the guys brought energy as well as charisma.

Untouchable made their return last night by performing "Vain." 

U-KISS are saying "She's Mine" as they came out with their R&B style song. 

Boys Republic said to the audience "You Are Special" which the crowd returned by screaming. With their energy and great choreography, the audience enjoyed watching their performance!

Trouble Maker are making trouble "Now" as HyunA and Hyun Seung showed their great collaboration. The audience enjoyed their performance by screaming.



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Park Ji Yoon

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Miss A

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Boys Republic

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Trouble Maker + Win

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Videos That Were Not Uploaded

Other performances for the night were M.Pire, N-Sonic, Nine Muses, MR.MR, A-JAX, Block B, Baek Seung Heon, Yoo Seung Eun, Topp Dogg, Jaurim, and LPG which all performed great by entertaining the crowd!!

Great job last night to all the performers!!

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