Tuesday, 29 October 2013

U-KISS Kicks Off their Comeback with Teaser Photos

Since the pre release of the teaser for the new hit track from the Kpop band U kiss, “Mysterious Lady”, U-Kiss has now dropped individual teaser images, announcing its official return to the stage as well as the promise of brand new promotions along with the images that they have promoted.

On October 28, U-Kiss released their individual teaser photos featuring the members dressed up in trendy suits, sweater vests, cardigans and neckties. They are all showing great charisma, making their fans largely excited once again. It is quite a sight for the fans to feast their eyes on the lovely faces of their favorite band still going strong despite the saddening news of one less member. Although, now that they are once again back to gearing up for a come back, all of that seems like yesterday's news.

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During this time, the members will be preparing for the come back, and in order to keep the fans occupied, some impressive images were shared online in order to keep the promise of their come back strong.

U-Kiss will be releasing their 8th mini album titled ‘Moments’ on October 31. The mini album will include a total of seven songs and a 30-page photo book.

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