Monday, 2 September 2013

Eli of U-Kiss Is Back As An MC

Is he feeling better now?

It’s been previously reported that U-Kiss member, Eli, has not been feeling well lately and will not be attending of his group’s events. However, earlier on September 2nd, the rapper tweeted:


ke ke ke ke ke ke! Im Back!

Even though he isn’t participating in all of his activities, Eli will be returning as the MC of Simply K-Pop on Arirang TVEli is Simply K-Pop’s usual MC but had been away so there had been replacement MC’s, including EXO’s Kris. It’s unclear whether Eli’s return was sped along by the fact that he returned to Korea earlier than the rest of his members.

 It’s still vague whether or not he will be joining the group’s activities now but all we know is that at least, he is feeling better and is enthusiastic as ever. Prayers for his full recovery!

Source: u_kisseli

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