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[24-7KPOP EXCLUSIVE] Fan Party with Xander!

We will surely miss you Xander! ‘Till we meet again!

Former U-KISS member and now a solo artist, Alexander ‘Xander’ Lee Eusebio, has returned to town again! He had a Fan Party last Saturday (July 27). Luckily, I had the privilege to see him up close and personal at last Saturday’s Fan Party.


‘Has it really been three years?’

Xander asked, as his face shone with enthusiasm with the crowd. It has been three years since Xander’s last visit in the Philippines and except for the fact that he is now a solo artist, Xander is still as bubbly, cheerful and handsome as before.

The 24-year old singer, entertainer, actor is in the Philippines for his “Alexander Fan Party in Manila”, presented by and sponsored by KFest Manila events Management together with HG Studio, K-Pub BBQ, SM Cinema, Subspace Coffee House, Snack Time, MusicAsia, CeeMarket and Digipost which was held last Saturday at SM Megamall Cinema 4. Kring Elenzano was the host for the said event.

The program continued for 2 hours of fun and excitement with the Filipino Xanderettes and Xander, who shared a lot of interesting facts and enliven his fans by mentioning his upcoming movie, 3 Peas in a Pod, which was directed by Singaporean actress-turned-director Michelle Chong. Xander will be starring in the film with Calvin Chen, a member of Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit, and new actress Jae Liew. The movie will premiere in Singapore in November of this year.


In a segment called ‘Minute with Xander’, where fans, which were selected by catching a ball from Xander, got to spend a minute on the stage, sitting beside him and ask about anything. The last two girls were smart and brave enough to ask Xander to stare at them for the remaining time. While some got speechless and star struck with the idol beside them, others were able to ask personal questions. One fan asked him to sing, and he sang in a random melody, “Kumusta ka aking mahal?” (How are you, my love).

The rest of the program went to dances from Xander and his back up dancers, KU-KISS, while he jokes with his fans and even tried to say some pick-up lines.

He sang the chorus of Daniel Padilla‘s hit song Na Sayo Na Ang Lahat, a local artist from the Philippines whom he had mentioned in his press conference that he would want to collaborate with. He also sang the chorus part of Black Eyed Peas‘ 2006 hit song Bebot.



He also did a Gwiyomi that was requested by the Filipino fans and randomly picked five selected from the audience and did a Gwiyomi together. The winners was allowed to have a picture together with the idol.

Before the program ended, a surprise birthday video segment was presented with a fan made video and a birthday cake. He also wished to come back to the country for a longer bonding experience with his Filipino fans. The last song he performed with his two back up dancers, was the Kimchi Song before the fan signing event took place.

Don’t miss out his first on-screen movie that will hit the theaters on November 14th.
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SOURCE: HuatFilms

We would like to thank Fangirlasia for bringing Xander to the country and for the successful Alexander Fan Party in Manila

Photos: Maddie18

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